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Surveying Services

  • Full Surveying Services from pre acquisition surveys on both Residential and Commercial Properties  to Schedules of Conditions and Dilapidations.

  • Description of a Building Survey on Domestic Property :

  • The surveyor will carefully inspect  the inside and outside of the main building and all permanent outbuildings, recording the construction and defects (both major and minor) that are evident.

  • This inspection is intended to cover as much of the property as physically accessible. Where this is not possible an explanation is provided and any recommendations for further opening up or inspection made .

  • The surveyor will not  force or open up the fabric without occupier/owner consent, or if there is a risk of causing personal injury or damage. This includes taking up fitted carpets, fitted floor coverings or floorboards, moving heavy furniture, removing the contents of cupboards, roof spaces, etc., removing secured panels and/or hatches or undoing electrical fittings. If necessary, the surveyor carries out parts of the inspection when standing at ground level from adjoining public property where accessible.

  • This means the extent of the inspection will depend on a range of individual circumstances at the time of inspection, and the surveyor judges in each case on an individual basis. The surveyor uses equipment such as a damp-meter, binoculars and torch, and uses a ladder for flat roofs and for hatches no more than 3m above level ground (outside) or floor surfaces (inside) if it is safe to do so.

  • The information gleaned during the inspection   will be used to compile  a report  on each individual part of the building fabric  including the roof , rainwater goods, walls , windows and doors, chimney stacks etc.It will include a section o the internal structures including the walls , ceilings , floors and finishes etc.

  • With respect to the services  connected to the building  - these are generally hidden within the construction of the property. This means that only the visible parts of the available services can be inspected, and the surveyor does not carry out specialist tests other than through their normal operation in everyday use. The visual inspection cannot assess the efficiency or safety of electrical, gas or other energy sources. It also does not investigate the plumbing, heating or drainage installations (or whether they meet current regulations); or the internal condition of any chimney, boiler or other flue. Outside the property

  • The surveyor will also look at  the condition of boundary walls, fences, permanent outbuildings and areas. To inspect these areas, the surveyor walks around the grounds and any neighbouring public property where access can be obtained.

  • Where there are restrictions to access (e.g. creeper plant, these are reported), and advice is given on any potential underlying risks that may require further investigation. Buildings with swimming pools and sports facilities are treated as permanent outbuildings and therefore are inspected, but the surveyor does not report on the leisure facilities, such as the pool itself and its equipment internally and externally, landscaping and other facilities (for example, tennis courts and temporary outbuildings).

  • A special inspection will not be undertaken to ascertain the presence of deleterious vegetation such as Japanese Knotwood but the presence of shrubs , trees  and any visible invasive species will be noted and reported upon.

  • The report will include a summary of works and is normally undertaken to assist potential purchasers before entering into a legal commitment to purchase and may assist in any price negotiations .

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