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Party Wall Services

We undertake a full range of Party Wall Services

Certain works which are likely to affect your neighbours are covered by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. 

The procedures within the Act involve the service of notices advising adjoining owners of the proposed works where they are either to  attached or shared structures or where new construction will lie within either 3 metres or 6 metres  (depending upon the foundation type).

Depending upon the response to the notices the works can proceed without further issue  or a formal Agreement known as an Award  is drawn up.

The Award provides within a legally binding document a summary of the works , schedules of condition of any shared structures or buildings lying close to the work ,plans and any necessary method statements if the work is complex.

The Award also  can specify any protection works  and requirements for the  rectification of any damages should they unfortunately occur .

This legislation provides protection to all parties involved and is intended to enable the works to be undertaken.

You are legally required under the act to serve a formal written notice to your neighbour if you are planning any works that will involve:-

  • affecting an existing party wall/structure (walls/ceilings/floors separating your property from another)

  • building a new wall on/over the boundary line of your site

  • excavating within3/6m of existing buildings on surrounding sites

Some works are considered too minor to require the process of notification.

The adjoining owner can insist on appointing their own surveyor in addition to your surveyor; however, all party wall surveyors must act impartially, in the interest of protecting all stakeholders and enabling the works to be undertaken.

Usually  party wall surveyors fees  will be payable by the building owner proposing the work.

We are able to act for either the Building Owner undertaking the work or an Adjoining Owner who might be affected .

The practice has undertaken Party Wall work since 1991.

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